Cooling systems for demanding customers

Sole proprietary processes

MOTA has alway been an innovative company. It has specific expertises and in-house proprietary manufacturing processes:

The so-called company G.M.S (Garcia Machines Spéciales)composed of engineers who were working at MOTA, has been created in order to develop the machines necessary for testing and validations both for research and production.

Partnership with R&D Centres

Since several years, thanks to development contracts, MOTA has been collaborating with two university centres identified as leadership for their competencies.

– The Marseilles University Centre for heat treatment.

– The University Center of Toulon for materials.

The researchers of those universities are working closely together with the MOTA R&D Laboratory. MOTA is a member of the GRETHAssociation

This multi-disciplinary collaboration enables the MOTA engineers to upgrade their knowledges, to innovate and to continously improve performances of its cooling systems.

In-house MOTA design finning machine

“The right process is the one that produces performance, quality and minimum costs”.

Denis GARCIA Manager of the Company Garcia Machines Spéciales

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