Cooling systems for demanding customers

Dedicated cooling systems: main and historical activity at MOTA

MOTA’s main and historical activity is the development of complete cooling systems. The applications on which they are used are as complex and demanding as marine diesel engines, outboards, stationary generators or industrial hydraulic systems. These developments result in the manufacture and supply of these systems exclusively for these partner customers.

None of the parts developed in this way can therefore be sold by MOTA to anyone else.


MOTA standard coolers and heat exchangers on catalog: MOTA Industrial Cooling

In addition to specific developments for its partner customers (OEMs), MOTA has designed several ranges of standard heat exchangers to meet considerations different from its core business:

  • rapid response to a specific cooling need with parts available in stock
  • supply of heat exchangers without specific development for applications that do not require it (type of application or very low annual volumes)
  • supply of heat exchangers or products for any professional customer
  • replacement of defective competitive heat exchangers

These heat exchangers are sold under the brand MOTA INDUSTRIAL COOLING, on the sales website

All MOTA standard catalogue heat exchangers are designed and manufactured according to the same standards and processes as dedicated cooling systems, which guarantees the highest level of performance and reliability.

MOTA can now offer the following products directly:

Of these products, the majority have been developed for use in marine environment (cooling with seawater), which makes these heat exchangers capable of withstanding all the water qualities available in many types of environments and applications:

  • marine (seawater or glycol water)
  • industrial hydraulics (raw water, treated water or glycol water)
  • stationary or mobile generators (raw water, treated water or glycol water)
  • electricity production and cogeneration (fresh water, raw water, glycol water or seawater)


Feel free to visit and contact us with any questions you may have about these heat exchangers.

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