Cooling systems for demanding customers

Location in the Heart of the Provence Region

Five minutes away from the vibrant and sunny city of Aubagne and close to the large Metropolis of Marseille University, the industrial estate “Les Paluds” gathers 470 companies. The Mota team is located on this very attractive site in a high-tech plant with a total area of 146 000 ft².

Environmental Awareness

Despite a low environmental impact currently, Mota continually strives to improve in this area. Metal chips are recycled and waste oils are treated through approved collection agents. Mota also subscribes to the eco-citizen approach, encouraging its staff to minimize their personal environmental impact by utilizing public transportation and car-pooling where possible – Mobilidées web site –.

Energy Savings

The earth’s natural resources are not infinite. Mota’s Aubagne plant was designed with a focus on design features which would best reduce the facility’s total energy usage.

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