Cooling systems for demanding customers

Long Term Focus

MOTA’s continuous growth and ongoing technological development is realized primarily due to a stable shareholder situation deeply involved in the company.

Mota maintains a long-term vision and it continually invests as necessary to support this strategy. This commitment is exhibited by the high percentage of annuals sales re-invested toward continuous improvement and R&D activities.

A Partner

Mota approaches both customer and supplier relationships on a partnership basis. We maintain strict confidentiality standards to ensure a relationship of trust can be established with each customer from the initial project discussion phase throughout the complete development process. And by establishing long supplier partnerships with its supply base, Mota is able to co-develop new technologies leveraging more cost effective solutions.

To further achieve the best communication and proper coordination, Mota will assign a single point of contact to oversee the complete project lifecycle is completed with the highest efficiency.

Capitalizing on Experience

Mota continually works to maintain and increase the experience level of its employees. The company’s continuous education training program works to both increase the skills of all workers as well as ensure existing knowledge and historical experience is shared amongst employees. Mota attracts and retains the most qualified workers and is proud of its low turnover rate. The average employee with Mota currently has 14 years of experience.

A Supplier for the Future

Continually increasing standards for energy efficiency and environmental compliance require more complex and innovative cooling system solutions. Mota’s team of experts continually works toward technological advancements to allow these challenges to be met while still delivering on performance, cost and reliability.

Recycling of metal chips

Sorting of waste (cardboard, wood, metal, miscellaneous) is organized since the creation of the site of Aubagne.

A human-scale Enterprise

“At Mota we are always in a position to reach our Project Leader. That’s a positive point”

A Mota’s customer since 1995

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