Cooling systems for demanding customers


Design and manufacturing of cooling systems for gearboxes.

The coolers used to control the temperature of oil needed for the gearbox running are the key drivers for their reliability. Too high temperatures are decreasing the lubricating qualities of the oil that could damage mechanical parts. On the contrary, research shows that an appropriate oil temperature regulation is not only increasing the parts service life but also allows to reduce fuel consumption especially for truck transmissions. With their long-standing expertise, the Mota engineers and technicians design and manufacture cooling systems for gearboxes which facilitate the effective operations of the stationary engines, and shoud help to reduce fuel consumption.


The engine manufacturers, Mota’s customers, are sometimes compelled to propose different versions of their systems as space requirements of their own customers are changing. Mota then designs a product with common characteristics, completed by specific elements for each application. It is a custom design but nevertheless price remains attractive because it is still considered as a standardized production.

The most demanding customers.

The engine manufacturers operate with the same logistics and quality requirements as the automotive sector. Mota itself is therefore working on the same basis. This is a noteworthy vector for constant improvements.

Very heavy duties.

Mota realizes systems for applications with very high technical constraints. The gear oil coolers for marine gearboxes have the same demands as transmissions. Moreover, they have to stand up to seawater cooling and pressures at 30 bar. Last but not least, within the passenger vessel area, especially for shuttle services, they have to withstand ongoing operations. In deep sea, one cannot stop at the seaside and await the arrival of a tug boat.

Examples of products

  • Oil cooler for retarder , gearboxes or transmissions

Temperature control

Thanks to the control of the transmission oil within the heat exchanger, the reliability and service life of gearboxes are increased at lower cost and so they can achieve a greater flexibility with regard to their applications.

Moreover, while using this type of heat exchanger with thermostat, the engine manufacturer strenghtens the quality of its trade-mark by the integration of this ancillary function which is very often the root cause of breakdowns.

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