Cooling systems for demanding customers

Design and manufacturing of cooling systems for marine engines.

Mota designs and manufactures cooling systems for all varieties of marine applications: fishing boats; passenger vessels; pleasure crafts and many more. Mota has extensive experience in this market and the demands both its customers and their end users require of engines in this field.

Custom Design and Constraint Modeling.

Marine engines face a number of challenging technical constraints:

Highly corrosive salt water environments; performance in wide ranging sea water and air temperature inputs

Engine compartments which require extremely compact packaging solutions for fit but also must allow for components to be serviceable.

Mota approaches each new project in close collaboration with the customers design and engineering groups to ensure the full spectrum of constraints are identified and uses this input along with its extensive experience in this field to tailor a unique solution meeting the demands of each new project.

Design as a trump card

Very tight deadlines.

Seasonality plays an important role in the pleasure boat market. Mota has developed flexible production processes using standard raw materials enabling thus to meet the just-in-time customer requirements.

Focus on ergonomics and functionality.

Seaweeds, waste, shells, sand…it is difficult to control the cooling water with open circuits. A proper preventive maintenance is absolutely necessary. For an easy maintenance, Mota designs cooling systems that can be dismounted and reassembled without any risk of error.

Integration and aesthetic design.

In some cases, a good-looking engine may be a significant competitive advantage for some manufacturers. Mota meets these aesthetic demands while designing fully integrated cooling systems, having a stylized overall look and well finished.

Ergonomic design: key indicator for the effectiveness

“My engine has more modern appearance, a cleaner design. With the integrated solution, I need less components. The total cost of my system is highly cut”.

Hartmut B., Project Leader – Stuttgart

Marine applications

“Most of the time our customers are automotive or truck engine manufacturers that have their own marine department. We are therefore working according to the standards and quality demands close to automotive requirements”.

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