Cooling systems for demanding customers

Heat Exchanger Supplier to Complete Cooling System Partner

Mota designs and manufactures cooling systems and components for various small and medium volume applications.

Our company specializes in tube-and-bundle style heat exchangers to address the various cooling circuit requirements in a wide range of applications: marine, stationary and off-highway engines, v arious transmission applications and many industrial cooling applications. Whether the system is simple or complex; whether the application constraints are moderate or severe; Mota’s engineering team will provide the most efficient, economical and timely solution.

Mota is capable of delivering full development support for your system, from the initial design to final production.

We provide full service support for each stage of the development process: early support with thermal calculations and predictive tools help identify the most optimal system lay-out; full design, simulation and testing capability ensure the performance and reliability of the system prior to production; prototype solutions which represent production processes and a proven project management system ensure the production launch is executed without issue or delay.

Standard heat exchangers, from catalogue

If, however, your need does not require any specific development, we can now offer you standard heat exchangers directly available from our catalogue. In this case, we recommend that you visit our website

Marine, véhicule, moteurs stationnaires, transmissions

- Marine... - Vehicles... - Stationary Engines... - Transmissions.... Whatever your application or requirements may be, Mota will work with you to create the most optimal cooling solution that fully meets your needs ...
  • One shot, good shot

    "One shot, good shot" The high quality level of our cooling systems is due to the systematic application of this principle ...

  • Stable Quality

    Throughout the manufacturing process, thanks to the extensive integration of automation, the scrap rates are very low - further reducing the total product (Logistics) cost ...

  • Flexibility and Stability

    The organization is adapted to comply with the needs starting from design to production ...

  • Mota implements the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information:

    restricted and controlled access to both HW and SW; confidentiality clauses ; active protection of sensitive data ...

  • Culture and Method

    The continuous exchanges between MOTA and the Engineering Departments of the engine manufacturers in the automotive field have rapidly instilled in it a deep culture ...

  • In-house Testing and Validation Laboratory

    In-house validation testing capability allows to Mota to achieve validation in the most cost effective manner ...

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