MOTA Group

A family run company with international scope.


The board's letter.


At MOTA, we are a team of experienced and passionate employees. Over the years, we have developed unique capabilities in the design of advanced heat exchangers and in their industrial manufacture.

Our organization and corporate culture, based on agility and a spirit of enterprise, create an environment at MOTA that encourages individual expression and innovation for all our employees. The whole team is committed to developing new solutions to improve our processes and products. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with the best solutions on the market in terms of reliability, overall cost and logistical security.

Our position as world leader in our field gives us an important responsibility. On the one hand, we are convinced that heat exchangers will play an increasingly essential role in many sectors of industry and transport. And on the other hand, as an industry, we have a major role to play in decarbonization and environmental protection in general. This responsibility has been an integral part of our DNA for many years, and is omnipresent in everything we do.

With a stable, family-owned shareholder base since its inception, the MOTA Group enjoys total freedom of action and decision-making, and can therefore choose to focus on its employees, customers and the environment. This is the key to sustainable, robust growth with a long-term vision.




In 1965, M. Raymond MOTA creates in Marseille (FR), « Constructions Mécaniques MOTA » (C.M.M.), with a first activity of parts machining. In 1968, the company developed its first heat exchanger, which opened the way to the truck cooling systems market with already prestigious customers such as Renault Truck, DAF and Iveco. In 1985, activity has been diversifying into computer cooling, an activity carried out by a partnership with IBM.


In 1989, Mr. Gérard MOTA, son of the founder, creates “MOTA” company, a new production site in Aubagne (FR). The year after, the Group acquires the F.B.A. foundry with a view to securing its supply of aluminum raw parts. The Group is gaining European stature by diversifying and gradually establishing itself as a leader in marine cooling systems. In 1995, Mr. Gérard MOTA takes over as Group CEO. In 1998, the plant in Aubagne is expanded to support the activity growth.


The Group is expanding outside Europe by penetrating the American and Japanese markets. This is an important step in its development and its consolidation. In 2006, a new expansion was carried out on the Aubagne production site and the activity of C.M.M. is permanently relocated there. A range of standard products is launched in 2010 aiming at accelerating the diversification of its positioning.


The Group increases its international footprint by creating two technical and commercial representation subsidiaries in the United States and Japan. Each one is associated to the set up of a remote stock in these two regions to provide logistical security to its American and Asian customers. Being a key player in the cooling of diesel inboard marine engines so far, MOTA obtains during this period its first gasoline and outboard engines manufacturer customers , two new important vectors of its growth.


In 2021, Stéphane Mota, grandson of the founder, takes over from Gérard Mota at the head of the Group. The Group maintains its solid position in its core business, while developing strongly in the cooling of gensets. A major investment plan is launched at the Aubagne plant as well as at the F.B.A. foundry to go further in process automation and increase production capacities. In 2023, a new extension is carried out on the Aubagne plant . MOTA, in partnership with its customers, focuses its design and R&D projects on new mobility and heat recovery solutions.

Since 2021

MOTA Commitments

Respect for confidentiality the basis of a lasting partnership

  • Restricted and controlled access,
  • Confidentiality clauses,
  • Active protection of sensitive data

Customized exchangers

  • Accurate thermal calculation
  • Support for the complete design of the cooling system
  • Integration of production processes  from the design stage
  • Use of simulation tools

Methodical projet management

  • Planning culture
  • Operational reliability
  • One shot good shot

Validation through testing

  • Validation tests carried out in MOTA's internal laboratory
  • Validation of product characteristics and performance

Exclusive and innovative processes

  • Specific know-how developed internally
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Partners ships with Research centers


  • People at the heart of the company.
  • A voluntary CSR policy.
  • An environmental awareness.