Mota 4.0 industry

Mota 4.0 industry

I'm R2D2 Mota, and I've just joined the Mota company in the last few days. I'm the result of a major collaboration between Mota and MeanWhile.

I'll be able to move 600x400mm or 300x400mm bins, weighing up to 35kg, throughout the factory, completely autonomously.

I pay attention to everything in my path, and change direction to avoid my fellow operators and other equipment or obstacles. If I get stuck on my planned route, I turn around and use an alternative path if possible.

I'm able to work for over 10 hours without recharging, but if I'm not needed, I go off on my own to regain some energy. I'm able to speak to signal my presence, inform people that my mission is over, and even ask for help if I'm needed.

For the time being, I'm training with humans who are also training so that we can understand each other, but I have no doubt that I'll soon be able to carry out many of the missions entrusted to me. I'm happy to be a player in Mota's future."