MOTA is committed to continuous improvement through its ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

 Convinced of the importance of quality, risk prevention and the reduction of its environmental impact, management asks each member of its staff to respect and promote these principles both inside and outside the company.

Our values of commitment, exemplarity, expertise and sustainability contribute to the company's performance and the achievement of our objectives.

At MOTA, we believe in the power of a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create a sustainable future. We are committed to integrating CSR into all our activities, positively influencing our environment and contributing to the well-being of society. Our CSR policy reflects our commitment to sustainable development, ethics and respect for our stakeholders.

* We are determined to minimize our impact on the environment. We seek to reduce our energy consumption and waste production. We promote sustainability in our supply chain by working with suppliers who share our values.

* The team of our employees is our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive working environment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, and encouraging the professional development of our teams. We promote work-life balance.

* We aim to provide high quality products and services while ensuring customer satisfaction. We cultivate long-term relationships based on trust and collaboration with our business partners.

* We regularly evaluate our CSR activities to measure progress and identify opportunities for improvement. We encourage the participation of our staff, customers and partners in this process.

At MOTA, we recognize the importance of our responsibility to society and the environment. We constantly strive to exceed expectations, in line with our continuous improvement approach.